Sticky Sausage Wraps

Sticky Sausage Wraps


  • 2 Tbsp French’S (American) Mustard
  • 2 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup
  • 8 Tbsp Light Muscovado Sugar
  • 12 Good Quality Sausages
  • Packet Wheat Flour Tortillas
  • 4 Baby Gem Lettuces
  • Sweetcorn Relish, To Serve



Coocking Method

First Of All Combine The Mustard, Ketchup And Sugar. Preheat The Barbecue. And Toss The Sausages On And Sizzle For About 15 Minutes, Or Until They Are Crispy, But Not Quite Cooked Through. Then Brush The Sticky Sauce All Over The Sausages And Cook Them For Another 5 Minutes, Basting Regularly.
After This Heat The Tortillas On The Barbecue For 30 Seconds Each Side. Now Roll The Sticky Sausages In The Wraps, Along With Some Baby Gem Leaves. Finish With A Dollop Of Corn Relish.
Your Tastey Sticky Sausage Wraps Is Ready.

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